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Getting things done Delivering quickly and cost effectively

We use agile methodology in accordance with GDS service standards to ensure that the apps and services we design and build for you can adapt to change and always meet user needs.

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Sketched phone

Discovery Making sure you’re building the right thing

We don’t know what we don’t know. Discovery exercises are a short but intense period of research where we make sure we understand the current landscape. We interview, analyse, research, propose ideas, eliminate ideas and make sure an idea is actually viable before it goes any further

Wireframe website

Alpha Testing the water with prototypes

Where Discovery uncovers feasible ways forward, Alpha is your chance to try the strongest ideas out for real. We design and build working prototypes, get them in front of real users as soon as possible, and then observe and learn from real-world use, feeding back into the design process to make the product even better.

Beta website

Beta Trying out the product with real users

Alpha allows us to refine and refine and refine the product with a small number of users, preparing us for a beta launch with the general audience. By this point the product is stable and secure, but still open to the agile process and constant refinement to meet user needs.

Live website

Live Launch time

By the time your product goes live, we’ll have ensured it is feasible in the first place (Discovery), tested core functionality using prototypes (Alpha), and unleashed it on a real audience (Beta). Whilst it is ready to be used by a mainstream audience, it doesn’t prevent further refinements based on post-launch feedback and research.